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Invest in Happiness

The Experience

I am here to create the most personal, positive, and joyful experience for you! Not only do I want you to adore your images and final artwork, but also this unique and creative process! I am so excited to meet with you and your furbaby! 

Step 1: Book Your Session

Select a session from the Book a Session Page. Be sure to read the details of each package to see all the amazing artwork options and services you will receive!  

Once selected, click "request to book" to choose an available date and time.


All outdoor sessions are shot during golden hour.

Shortly after you have booked, I will contact you to setup a Planning Session!​


Clients typically select The Custom Session so they can pick and choose which artwork they want.


An average investment is around $1500.


All-Inclusive Sessions are also available. They provide the artwork & services all in one set price so you can focus on the fun and leave the details and logistics to me.

Step 2: Planning Session & Furbaby Meet & Greet!

You're going to LOVE this part!

A planning session is a complimentary service I provide to clients after they have booked their photoshoot. Each planning session includes a personal meet & greet at your home with you and your furbabies!

It is my opportunity to personally get to know you and your pet and swoon over them together! Doesn't that sound amazing?

We will discuss the details of your shoot and how to prepare for your joyful experience! 

Outside of doting on your furbabies, we will chat about fun ideas like the kind of photos you hope to get, your style, and how you will display them. I will show you the hand selected artwork that I love to give you an idea of what you might like. 

The Artwork you receive will be of the highest quality, and comes with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee-if you're not 100% happy with your artwork I will buy it back from you.


Step 3: Photoshoot!

Yay! Photoshoot day!

 Most pets need a little extra exercise before their shoots to get their wiggles out, so please make sure they get their walk in beforehand! I advise my clients to arrive 10-15 minutes early so they can let their pet sniff around and get comfortable. 


Once everyone is ready we will start shooting!


Prepare to laugh as I whistle, bark, squeak, and buzz! Whatever it takes to get that special expression only your pet can deliver! If silly noises and gestures aren't enough to grab your pet's attention, toys and treats make their way!


Please make sure your pet can enjoy these or provide their special treats/toys during the shoot!


Shoots typically last about an hour or longer, but are specific to each dog's level of cooperation and comfort. No shoot should ever feel rushed or pushy. It's important to approach your shoot with a healthy dose of patience, this allows your pet to shine. I provide little breaks throughout the session to keep everyone fresh and having fun!


Once I have all the shots I need, we will call it a wrap and give our amazing model lots of love and praise!

Step 4: Choose Your Images & Artwork

After the shoot, I will go through all the images and select the best ones for you to choose from!


Over the next 1-2 weeks, we will meet again for a Photo Reveal! 


During your Reveal Session, you will pick the photos you want to create Artwork with!

Once selected, I will get to work on retouching your images to look amazing and order your custom artwork!


The professional retouching process can take 1-2 weeks depending on the season. Rest assured, your photos will come out dazzling!


Step 5: Artwork Delivery!

Once your artwork is ordered, it will take 1-3 weeks to create and deliver.

I will hand deliver your artwork to your home or you can pickup your artwork from me directly. 


Step 6: Celebrate!

I am so excited for you!


Each morning you wake up, you get to walk by your one-of-a-kind, gorgeous, artwork celebrating the beautiful connection you share with your furbaby! Bask in the joy, the love, and the magic you have made happen.


If you enjoyed your experience with me,  please leave a 5 star review on google and facebook, and recommend me to your other pet obsessed people :) You know who you are!

I love to keep in touch with my beloved clients and their pets! Join my email list, and I will send out special deals, and shoot reminders like Holiday sessions! 


This sounds amazing! Let's do this!

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