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What if my pet isn’t trained and will not sit or pose for a photo?

Rest assured, 99% of the animals I work with are not trained or are very minimally trained. It is helpful if an animal has training but not required for your photoshoot. This is especially true for puppies and kittens, which I adore photographing!


I’m prepared to handle the temperament, and personality of every kind of pet you can imagine. No matter your furbaby's temperament, I will give them the extra care and attention they require to make sure they are comfortable, and feel safe with positive reinforcement techniques.


And guess what? Some of the BEST images are when they let loose and run free! There is room for everyone here! 



​​My pet can’t go off leash. What are my options?

Not a problem! All animals are kept on leash during sessions unless they are in a safe enclosed area. I can even use a special long leash to capture action shots!


In fact, most of my images are taken of animals with leashes on and retouched to remove leashes in post-production! The safety of my clients is my number one priority during each session.



What if my pet is nervous or shy?

​That's okay! I have worked with literally every kind of pet you can think of. I have received animal handling training, and do weekly volunteer shifts at local rescues and shelters. I often work with animals that have been abused or neglected, and are fearful, physically impaired, or unsocialized. I am happy to give any animal more time, patience, and encouragement during their photoshoot. If an animal is too shy to do a regular shoot, using a zoom lens from a comfortable distance in a familiar location will give them the space they need to relax.


That being said, if your pet is still exhibiting highly anxious behavior, I won't put them through additional stress and will discontinue the session, giving you a full refund. Although, I have never had to discontinue a session for an anxious pet.


Can’t any photographer do pet photography?

Simply put, no.


I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it takes a special set of skills to work with pets. These skills include animal behavior knowledge, specific animal breed knowledge, patience, compassion, camera-cat like reflexes (pun intended), intuition, and lots of situational awareness. A photographer that doesn’t regularly work with animals simply won’t have these skills, and won’t be able to produce the same quality of work for you.

Do you offer studio sessions?

The majority of the work I do is on location somewhere in the beautiful land of Colorado. I do occasionally do events or special studio sessions at my home and will announce these special events via email. 

Camera Flash Lighting Equipment

Will my pet do okay with flash?

Most pets don’t react negatively to flash, especially when they are being rewarded with treats or attention. I always do test flashes on low intensity before committing to it in a shoot. If your pet does react, we can use a continuous light source or shoot with natural daylight. Additionally, I only use flash with studio or indoor photography and rely on natural lighting for all my outdoor sessions.


Do you offer home sessions?

Unfortunately, I no longer offer home sessions unless your pet is too sick to leave the house. 

In my experience, home sessions do not give me the creative freedom I need to make my vision come to life.

I do make exceptions for homes with large properties and outdoor areas that would make pleasing backgrounds.


Do you offer split sessions?

I sure do! Some clients want a variety of scenery in their final images. I offer split sessions in various locations according to each client's needs. Each additional location is $250.


My pet is dying, can I book a session right away?

I’m so deeply sorry to hear about your precious furbaby. Tribute sessions are the most heartbreaking and the most beautiful. I will make every effort to adjust my schedule to fit you in as soon as possible. Please make sure to send me a message or call me directly so I am aware of the situation. ​

How much should I budget to work with you?

It depends on the size and amount of artwork you would like to display and the items you choose.


You can get one piece or many, a minimum investment is around $500 and would include a session and a small art piece.


Most clients spend an average of $1500-$3000 and get a couple large art pieces or a gallery wall, or they go with a custom album, and digital images. 


I also offer a handful of Limited Edition Sessions (Holiday-themed, Paws & Petals) 2x a year that offer a shorter session at a specific location with a set amount of social media sized images. These sessions range from $275-$750 (the price difference will be in the amount of images you receive). 


Do I get digital copies of the images?

When you purchase wall art, albums, and packages you get all the corresponding digital images. 


A Custom Photo Album or Story Box is the best value to get more digital images.


Extra digital images can be purchased separately for $100 each.

I also offer an all digital package for $1825 that includes up to 40 fully retouched, high-resolution images.

What's the difference between a Social Media Sized Image and a Hi-Resolution Image?

A Social Media Sized Digital Image is a low resolution image that is perfect for sharing on social media because it will be clear and visible on a phone or email. 


Because it is low resolution, you will not be able to print it larger than 3x5" without it becoming blurry and losing quality.


Hi-Res Images can be printed in large sizes for wall art.


When you purchase wall art, custom albums, and story boxes you will receive a copy of the corresponding hi-res images and social media sized images.



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