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Location-Style Guide for Your Session with Furbaby Photography

Updated: Mar 16

Have you ever wondered what environment you would love to capture your furbaby in? It can be hard when there are so many gorgeous places to go in Colorado. It's a real first-world problem we have here 😂

When I am selecting locations, I select places with a lot more than good-looks, I look to find the right place for your pet! One that not only fits your aesthetic but also their temperament and unique needs.

Are you looking for a place with less commotion for your sensitive, easily stimulated pet? For them a natural area with few passer byers is best!

Or maybe your pet isn't easily fazed, and they can pull off a full session in Downtown Fort Collins along cobblestone sidewalks, and colorful wall murals.

Maybe somewhere in-between? It's a lot to consider but don't worry I got you covered for it all! Here is a comprehensive style-guide with images from real-shoots to reference. I also included what kind of pet it suits!

1. Mountains and Canyons:

I love using the local foothills and mountains🗻 to find inspiration! Whether your pooch is a seasoned outdoorsmen or more of a couch potato 🥔, there's no shortage of breathtaking backdrops for your furbaby photoshoot. These areas are either low-traffic, to mildly busy with people and pets. Most people are hiking, or walking along and don't linger in the same space for long. And in the mornings, we usually have the whole place to ourselves. Great for a dog that is more easily distracted but loves a hike!

2. Trails, Forests, & Natural Areas

For those who prefer their landscapes with pine trees, aspens, charming bends, calming creeks or long prairie grasses, Colorado's vast network of trails deliver it all! This is my favorite type of environment because you can create a lot of different scenes from just one location 🎨 This is a good option for dogs that are low to medium for reactivity. For high reactivity dogs, morning sessions are the best.

3. Garden Glamour:

For a touch of whimsy and a dash of floral flair, look no further than the local gardens 💐. Whether your companion is a flower child at heart or more of a leaf-peeper, the gardens are sure to bring out their inner model 🌻 This is a good option for dogs that are low reactivity, there are a healthy amount of people that frequent the gardens. For high reactivity dogs, morning sessions are the best.

4. Barnyard Beauty:

I love an old red truck, a stack of hay, a patch of pumpkins, and of course an iconic red barn backdrop for a cozy countryside photoshoot. I love using these settings for Fall and Christmas Sessions! This is a good option for most any dog, just be prepared for them to be fascinated by all the unique smells!

5. Old Charm in Old Town:

Keep in mind NOT EVERY DOG can pull this off. Some dogs are very easily stimulated and distracted. But if your pet doesn't mind a little hustle and bustle, the cobblestone alleyways and streets are so classic and inviting! Wondering where the leash is? Well I removed it in post-production!

6. Private Rental Properties:

If your priority is privacy, we can rent a local sniff-spot for an extra fee (usually less than $25). These areas guarantee privacy and can be rented by the hour. There are limitations to backgrounds that are found in public areas but images will shine through the beauty of simplicity.

Have any areas you'd like to suggest? Let me know in the comments below, I love exploring and scouting new canvases for my furbabies to shine!




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